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What to Expect When Visiting

If you attend Southside Fellowship with children, we have several places available for your comfort. Our nursery offers a changing station, comfortable chairs for resting or rocking, and a view of the chapel. Our prayer room offers a quiet place for nursing parents with the option to listen to the service over a speaker.

A private room with a changing station and a sink is available in our nursery.
Our nursery has chairs, blankets, outlets, and beautiful natural light, with a view of the worship space and speakers to listen to the service.
If you need to step away from the service but do not want to miss anything, you can watch and listen from the nursery.

At Southside Fellowship we care about accessibility. We have Hearing Assistance Devices, automatic door openers on the front doors, accessible bathrooms, a large elevator for access to our downstairs gathering space, dedicated parking with no ramps or large bumps to navigate, and chairs instead of pews. We also have quiet spaces available for those who need a break from noise and we often have a fidget table for those that need to wiggle or do something with their hands.

We also have large print hymnals available.

Our elevator is large and provides easy access to our downstairs meeting space and office.
Our prayer room offers a quiet place to escape the noise. Nursing parents may also use this space if they desire. A sign on the door can prevent others from entering while the room is in use.
Our entrance has automatic doors, wide sidewalks, and easy access to dedicated parking.

Southside Fellowship is a welcoming and inclusive environment. We welcome all people to join us, including those who have been excluded elsewhere because of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, economic status, marital status, age, or religious uncertainty.